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Feb 2 / Justin

First Post

Here we go again.

I’ve had a couple of attempts at creating a blog over the last couple of years. None of he attempts have had much staying power! I’d like to start again but like all great enterprises this time around I’ll fix everything that was wrong about the first couple of attempts 🙂

This time rather than focus on the abstract and create a branded web property this time I’m putting the blog under my name rather than Essentially the purpose of this blog is getting my thoughts together, so creating a blog called “BluePrint”, as if I had all the answers, was arrogant really! This time I’ll own my own thoughts (though I may not stand by them). Within my site I’ll still call it the blueprint blog, but I’m done with creating an edifice outside of myself.

This time I’m scheduling myself. Each day (or as close to it as possible) I’ll make a post. This is to try and shake a “should I post it or shouldn’t I?” I’ve found myself caught up in previously. Each post doesn’t need to be an essay.

This time I’ll create categories to post to. This should create some structure where previously it was open ended.
Anyway, those are some simple rules moving forward. I’ll do my best to follow them! Right now these categories are: Article review, conference, interview, work, “Found Things” for interesting things I find online