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Feb 6 / Justin

Teacher development

I found myself struck by a particular tweet from Christopher Sessums which was a post on his blog.

I found myself quite taken by the quote taken from a article: “Changing how teacher improve” from the Harvard Gazette. The article itself has a lot of context that does not interest me. However, the post does point towards something that I have thought about quite a bit. When I tend to think about where I’d like our teachers to be I think about the idea (this is only natural right?). However, it is not realistic to hold people against a figment of my imagination. I don’t think I’m alone in this tendency.

The quote implies (and the article argues) that teachers are more likely to see the need for change and the probable first steps if they begin thinking about where they are at that time. This is a much more practical approach from the stand point of human motivation and is also a more personalized approach.