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Feb 8 / Justin

The future of teachers according to: Seth Godin

I have to admit to not having read much of what Seth Godin has published. Although I have to admit hearing his comments about his own publishing style I do agree with the many people I’ve heard say he is very insightful about building reputations online.

What I thought was really interesting though is his comment on teaching. He made the following comment in response to an interviewers question: “Do you think the best teachers have to, in a sense, be entrepreneurs?”

“We don’t need teachers that will read a script in front of the class, because we can now hand the script to the student whether it is on video or written. What we need are teachers that can [broke in field]? running. That can see how this connects to that and help the person make the leap, and that skill is very different. I mean I’ve met some entrepreneurs that could teacher anything but they are similar skills in that you take something that is not all put together yet, you put it together, you sew it up. You say here – and that win, that transformation that makes me so excited about teaching. Is watching the nickel drop, seeing someone who was struggling today be successful tomorrow just because you connected two things for them”

I really like the image of teachers being entrepreneurs and connectors. There is a lot more that could be said about this but the idea that teachers today don’t reply on a “script” but that cultivate good sources from online and elsewhere and provide to students as necessary. Or the idea that what require from teachers is essentially the same as we want from students: creativity, innovation, metacognitive. Not subject experts per-se but experts at making connections – at learning.