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Apr 18 / Justin

Reflections on ADE 2011

This was the first year I applied to be an ADE and I feel very honored to have been included with such a great group of people.

The ADE institute was in many ways what I thought it would be and in some others quite different – so in my reflections I’ll sort though my thoughts about both categories

How it met my expectations

  1. A focused group of passionate educators – This was a group that “got each other” right off the bat to some extent. That made for good interactions and conversations. Because platform was not an issue (for obvious reasons) and ideology was not an issue (we are all brought into the idea that technology is key to learning)
  2. Lot of great communicators – To get in you had a make a video and express yourself well. At the end of the day ADE is part of the marketing function at Apple so it makes sense that Apple picks people that are good communicators. I learnt a lot about good communication from watching others. One of the best parts was watching the application videos and seeing the variety of was people tackled that.

How it was different from expectations

  1. Not as “product focused” as I would have thought. Really were it not for all the macs you would hardly realize this was an Apple event. A real credit to Apple. Of course this crowd hardly needed convincing!
  2. Lots of collaborative work. I thought this was great. I thought in particular the Saigon 360 project was a great learning experience from both a group dynamics as well as technology standpoint. There were a lot of “type A” personalities at the event and so it was fascinating to see how people worked together.

What I took away:

Firstly I took away an expanded network which was on of my objectives. Secondly I now know more about the ADE experiance and process and so I’ll be in a better position to support teachers who want to be ADEs with their application process. Its a shame there is not another class in 2012. However, I can also understand pulling an event like this together is not easy!

My branding part is not done. However, I feel as though I started on that journey by getting this website up and running again. If I keep it up I’ll get there. That too I owe to ADE as it was making the application video that motivated me to do it again.

Thanks to the advisory board who I know worked hard on this and a congrats to our HKIS class of ADE2011.