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Apr 9 / Justin

Who am I?

Who am i?

I’m at the current Apple Distinguished Educator institute in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. We are in the first full day and one of leaders of the “conference” Rebecca Stockley took us through a group exercise in which we had to write “our story”. The story I share below in full transparency turned out to be rather high level. Maybe it means the fundamental “shift” that defines my life was my move international. That would be true for many international educators I suppose, although I didn’t make the shift as an educator (or a professional) which is somewhat different I think in terms of our I define myself.

All of this is supposed to build towards a “brand” that defines us. The story below is only one of many I hope to create over the next few days.

Once Upon a Time
Everyday… I would wake up in my small suburban town in Rotorua New Zealand
But one day… My parents said we were moving to Hong Kong
Because of that… I was thrown into an international setting with different people from many places
Because of that… I had to consider who I was and who I wanted to be
Because of that… I realized I could live anywhere and do anything, I went to Australia and studied economics and politics
Until finally… I came back to Hong Kong to work in education
Ever since that day… My identity became my own, not a function of my place or my role
The moral of the story is… NO MORAL JUST YET