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Dec 29 / Justin

Individually qualified with Google Apps

Recently I completed six exams and became individually qualified with Google Apps. This is the the first step in becoming an official Google Apps trainer.

I did this along with all four of the HKIS ICT Facilitators to support our school’s rollout of the Google Apps suite.

The process to getting the individually qualified certificate is completing six online tests each of which lasts for a maximum of one and half hours. All the material to study and pass the tests is conveniently put together in one easy to navigate site (hosted on Google sites of course!). I would estimate that 60% of the answers I knew without need for any study as I’ve been using Google Apps for quite awhile and also because I was leading an implementation of Google Apps at my school. However, you need 80% to pass and some of the questions even a seasoned expert is not likely to know the answer right away. The testing system does not stop you looking up the answers as you take the exam which I assume Google doesn’t mind as a search company. So the tests besides being good at testing Google Apps knowledge are also good at testing your search strategies.

One word of warning to those attempting the tests – there is quite a lot of content on the tests that is out of date since Google Apps evolves so quickly (thanks Google!). So when you take the tests put your “2009” hat on in terms of the size limits and features of the product. Some of the products tested have been been discontinued by Google (i.e Video). I suppose that is why the certificate has a one year lifespan.