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Feb 12 / jahardman

Moving to Korea


I’m moving to Seoul, South Korea!

The immediate reason for the move is that my wife will be joining an internal consulting division of a technology conglomerate in a role known as “Global Strategist” which, I think, is probably the best job title ever. I like to imagine that she’ll spend most of her day looking over a giant table featuring a world map, pushing little figurines around.

The move is exciting one. I’ve never been to Korea so there will be a lot to  learn and new experiences that will come with the transition.

At the same time there is never a good time to go, and I’m sorry to be leaving HKIS and the people here. As I’ve shared with many over the past month and half since the decision was announced, HKIS is much more than simply a job for me. I attended the school as student (as did my sister) and my parents both worked there for many years. HKIS is, to some degree, part of my DNA. I’ll be forever thankful for the opportunities I’ve had at HKIS. Most immediately I’ll miss a great team full of bright, passionate people, all dedicated in their own way to solving the puzzle of how to best leverage technology to enhance student learning.

Working on my resume (gasp – a long time since I’ve updated that thing!) has been a good reflective exercise.  I feel good about what we have been able to achieve at HKIS over the past few years. Working with a committee to put together HKIS’s strategic technology plan, implementing the HKIS 1:1 program with our ICT Facilitators, collaborating with Simon Lau (HKIS Head of ICT Infrastructure) to build a technology infrastructure to support all of our learning aspirations, pulling together YH Gan and Mandy Lai to refine and expand myDragonNet, the HKIS learning platform – these have all been fantastic experiences. For now my focus is on ensuring current HKIS initiatives are on track and there is a good plan moving forward.

I’m also reviewing my options for next year. I like the idea of being a part of many projects. Some of the things I’m looking at are:

  • Continuing to grow 21CLHK  – I think the growing interest in our conference is clear evidence of the need for an organization in Asia to connect those engaged in 21st century learning;
  • Consulting for schools – I’d be open to opportunities to help other schools think through the strategic and operational aspects of their technology systems and initiatives;
  • Working for a school in a educational technology leadership position; and
  • Commercializing some kind of online service for schools.

One thing is true – there never been a better time to be in the world of education technology and I’m excited for the future.

Stay tuned.