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Oct 28 / Justin

Successful Inaugural EduLAN in Seoul

10-15629940155_0d137690c2_oJustin Hardman, Director of 21st Century Learning
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On October 25 2014 75 Educators from around Korea gathered for one day to learn from one another, develop closer ties between schools and go back Monday inspired to used technology in meaningful ways to improve student learning.

The organizing group started out with the following objectives and organizing principals


  • Increase participation in education technology learning experiences for K-12 teachers and leaders
  • Enable more teachers to develop presentation skills by presenting at conference
  • Connect educators living in the same country

Key Constraints/Organizing Principles

  • Keep cost as low as possible for attendees, whilst still maintaining a quality conference experience
  • Support and nurture teachers presenting and sharing their learning
  • Majority of presenters should be practitioners working in classrooms

Feedback from the event has been overwhelming positive with people already asking when next years event will be.

Of course no idea is original and we need to give credit where credit is due. We were extremely fortunate to have Kim Cofino as a keynote for the event who’s keynote presentation “Transforming Your Classroom” provided the overall theme for the conference. The highly engaging keynote set the right tone for the event. We went right from that into SpeedGeeking. I had seen SpeedGeeking work really well at the VinTech conference and immedialy though

The Future

21st Century Learning created the brand of EduLAN because we believe that all teachers should benefit from the immense power that in person edtech professional development experiences can offer. Seoul is the first EduLAN conference but we hope it is not the last in Korea or elsewhere. If you are interested in hosting a edtech conference in your city please get in contact with us. We are can provide the expertise, branding and organizational support whilst the local organizing committee works on the ground to ensure the conference is a success.

You can view photos from the event on Flickr